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The Sour Patch Kid

I made a great move, so I thought. I accepted a new job, cashed out my 401K, and started to work on my side hustle (yoga and Kombucha). This new job was going to be a very great learning experience for my pay the bills career. I could excel and learn more about the industry while making more money and having insurance.

My manager, the Sour Patch Kid was nothing I've ever experienced. One minute we're having a transparent conversation laughing and connecting. The next she's gossiping about me or even worse setting me up. When I think back I had corporate-ish jobs, but I guess this was real corporate. It was a manipulative, backstabbing, and a down right unhealthy environment. I felt like Kevin Hart in his stand up having pineapples as my safe word to make it stop. I decided to keep pushing and not selling all my soul just small parts of it that made me, me.

Through this experience I increased my daily meditation, yoga asanas, self Reiki, mindfulness thinking, and read more self help books. This made me able to keep my head up and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was giving myself 6 months to a year. This would have helped me gain needed knowledge then find another job in the same field. I even grew some breasticles (i can't grow testicles/balls so...) and started my much thought about, yoga retreat. I felt great I knew I could go forth with this job and my future.

The downside kept coming full force. I felt like everytime I pepped talked myself into greatness, she was there to knock me down. I started to see my thought patterns shift into the old me. It wasn't per se negative thoughts about my future or harming myself. It was more of I am going to cuss you out, threaten your life, possibly trip you so you can fall on your face break your nose, and then

walk out screaming fuck you I quit.

I had a realization that if I don't take this type of treatment in my personal life why am I taking this in my work life. Work is the place I see more than home and family. A toxic relationship is a toxic relationship. I began to get on my grind; I called a girlfriend to see if her job was hiring for seasonal and even contacted my old supervisor. Once my ducks were almost in a row I quit. This experience was a learning experience just not in the way I expected. I gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom about myself. I realized that this experience pushed me into what I needed to do and unveiled a new side of me. The mountain was really a stone in my creek of life, re-directing me to where I needed to go.

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